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Parts For Sale 68-71 Rear Hatch Cali import

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Fortunate Son

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Dec 15, 2006
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Nr Cheddar, Somerset
68-71 bay window rear hatch

(Dated 11/70 so from a 71 model year)

Recent California import very minor surface rust only


Collect from Cheddar Somerset. Sometimes travel with work to East Midlands and west / north M25 areas3F7C9C47-83E2-4A17-A219-7D92545983DC.jpegA4A3306F-514F-4830-AA8B-D426C37524D4.jpeg5EF51B99-DCFA-44DA-A91B-81D12684132F.jpeg3186E19D-55EC-4D3C-A844-30C533E9F970.jpeg
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