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Dec 21, 2009
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Liskeard, Cornwall
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1972 XO
Evening. Hope someone can advise.
I was looking under my floor mats today and noticed that there was no accelerator pedal return spring fitted. I've never noticed a problem when driving but should there be one?
What type of pedal and fitting do I have on my 1972 Bay Crossover? I can see online that there are several types of pedal available.
Any advice welcomed.

I have the full ButtysBits linkage Inc the rod through the main chassis, thus removing all the slop in the system. I also replaced the spring where cable attaches to linkage.

When my pedal bracket snapped (metal fatigue) I fitted this kit, which includes the under pedal spring.

Mine’s 1970 so could be different.

As said, the improvements out there to reduce the slop are well worth the outlay 👍
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I just replaced my bus with the new linkage from butty bits and what a difference with taking all the slack up from a sloppy pedal.

Yours is missing the retaining coil spring which hold the rod to the pedal.

Cheers Gabs.

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