Stainless Steel Accelerator Return Spring

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Nov 9, 2006
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In my never-ending (yet pointless) quest to replace everything possible with its stainless steel equivalent, I have replaced my (perfectly good) accelerator return spring with one made of stainless steel.

While there has not been a noticeable trend of rusty accelerator return springs that I am aware of, should there be, I will be prepared.

While I am keenly aware that it will not improve acceleration, improve gas mileage or make me look better in a swimsuit, it will be the envy of all of my easily impressed, (yet entirely imaginary) Early Bay driver friends.

And if this turns out to be my stupidest idea yet, I can reinstall the stock spring. It’s in the ashtray.

I think I have just turned green with envy. In my sad existence, :rolleyes: my spring is a specifically coated one and matches the rest of the noisey cupboard. Everything gets cleaned meticulously whenever the motor comes out the rest of the time like now and the past few years, everything in that there cupboard is ‘coated’ with a nice oily film so it looks to be ‘matching’. Don’t get me wrong, I do like shiny or new looking but I’m not big on cleaning and shining stuff especially hidden away in the noisy cupboard. :)

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,Plus oily film equals no rust:cool:
Actually laughed out loud reading that 😂

I do too have a penchant for nice springs on throttle linkage 👌🏻😎

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