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Graham L

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Jan 19, 2008
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As you've probably seen due to the May day Bank Holiday moving this has an a knock on effect on the Earlybay Campout for 2020 as our usual weekend has been booked.

We are however still running the aircooled campout in July again and you are all more than welcome to come to the event and I'm happy to create an 'Earlybay Camping area' and we can add a club pitch to the booking form

The plan is to arrive anytime from lunchtime onwards on Friday, find a spot in the Rally Field, pitch up and meet people you have spoken to from the facebook and make some new friends, talk aircooled vehicles and generally have a good time.

New for 2020 we are holding a Sunday Aircooled Show and Shine open to people who haven't camped, arrival from 9am on Sunday morning. We will see if we can get some impartial or visitor judging going on, but it is more about making friends old and new and getting together with like minded people.

We have managed to once again secure the STFU crew back for at least the Saturday night. As in previous years we will supply a large communal BBQ for everyone to use on the Friday/Saturday night but would ask you bring your own food and some charcoal to share.

Caffeine & Machine is only 10 miles away at Ettington and there may be a possibility of running a cruise over for Brunch on the Saturday, if you are interested in this please tick the box on the booking form.

There are 2 local pubs within walking distance and a Farm Shop for supplies and theres a supermarket a short drive away.

There are no traders or food stalls on site so you need to bring all you need to eat and drink with you

You are more than welcome to bring spares you may have for sale to try and sell them on, all i would say is if you can help another owner out with a part to get their vehicle back on the road then lets keep prices sensible :)

We are using the Rally Field at the site which has 2 x portaloos available and the main toilet block and showers is a 5 minute walk down the hill on the main site.

We need people to prebook so we can see whether the toilet facilities we have are enough so its ADVANCE TICKET only.

The cost is £22 per unit + VAT (vehicle) for weekend (Fri & Sat Night) or £15 + VAT for the Saturday night and Sunday, this is more than the site is costing but this is to cover the cost of additional toilets & event sticker etc, hope this is ok with everyone. We have changed our ticket booking system this year so hopefully no addition charges

Any questions or anything you think of get in touch, but please remember this event is open to aircooled vehicles ONLY.

Booking Link here:

**Sorry but no refunds as its costs the event money due to credit card handling charges**

Cheers Sparky

Have added this Forum and the Flyer as options
Just a bump to remind people that this camp out is going ahead. Im not sure on ticket availability, but worth checking the links.

There will be one way systems, social distancing and other restrictions in place to ensure safety.
Hi Clem

Thanks for the prompt, its sold out now, there are tickets for the Show & Shine on Sunday but thats it,
Did you get an actual physical ticket? Because I’ve had nothing. I might check my phone to see if there’s a scan code or something similar on there.

Ozziedog,,,,,,, it’ll turn up.,,maybe ;)
Heart flutter over, I had an instant receipt and scan thingy on my email. Just is well I’m up together with all this techy stuffs.

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,, so who will we see there ??? :mrgreen:
ozziedog said:
Heart flutter over, I had an instant receipt and scan thingy on my email. Just is well I’m up together with all this techy stuffs.

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,, so who will we see there ??? :mrgreen:

Dont worry Ozzie

I think we know who you are and have your pitch in the next field is already marked out :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Well done Mr G. I’m quite looking forward to sitting by my van and chilling and chatting and maybe Stellaing <<< look! a new word Stellaing.

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,hard to say,but, much easier to do :mrgreen:
Great to meet you all (again) today. Uneventful drive back. Here's some pics I took...

Sent from my SM-G9600 using Tapatalk

It was windy cos Oz was full of Stella!!!! Bus not quite ready but with any luck next year.
Wondered where you was, should’ve drove it anyway and you could’ve slept under it :mrgreen: Was non stop wind and it died down as we was leaving :roll: :roll: :roll:
Didn’t matter much apart from wearing sunnies at night to stop these old eyes streaming. My latest invention worked well until I cocked it up, I’ve made thin cushions with magnets in to double up as curtains in my quest to insulate the van including the glass. Well they worked ever so well until the final night. I was to be fair slightly over imbibed with the wondrous Stella and fell to sleep toot sweet :mrgreen: But,,, I’m woken in the night by the ever gusting wind and I’m struggling to compute where it’s coming from :roll: so I get out of my pit and double check the cab windows nothing there and they’re shut as tight As a nuns purse ;) So I visit the yellow snow bottle then I climb back into bed and nod off again and yet my sleep is disturbed further more as the whistling starts again, so off I toddle to check my air vents in the pop top because I’m just not able to work out which way is open and which way is shut because I’m upside down and led on my back so I have to stand up to make some sense of it all but they are indeed shut :?: :?: :?: so I visit the yellow snow bottle then get back to sleep :mrgreen: All this exercise in the middle of the night has just about worn me out so I now eventually get back to sleep and wake up about nine ish, to hear that very insistent whooshing blowing in my ear still. This is really piddling me off now so I actually get up and put the kettle on. As I lay back down to rest my wearied head, I notice that it’s brighter and much lighter on both sides of my pillows, now I’m totally confused as the rest of the bus is virtually in black out mode, so where’s this light coming from :?:
Might have been nice if some Herbert had shut the tailgate before retiring for the night, was open by an inch or two and I guess I’m lucky it didn’t spring up and lose all my pillows out the back :lol:

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,,, If that had opened in the night I’d have proper lost it I reckon :mrgreen:
Managed to blag the tickets for this !!! Yeah finally get to go , hopefully see you all there.
Both Pippa and I looking forward to seeing everyone again and all the others we haven't yet met.

J & P
:D :D :D

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