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Parts For Sale Assorted random early bay parts!

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Feb 9, 2010
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Having finally cleared out our shed, the following parts have been unearthed & are looking for new homes! All removed from my 1971 Early bay for various upgrades over the years, and all have a rusty patina. As I sold my bay in 2017, I’ve little idea of the worth, so please make an offer if there is something you think you might use. Thanks for looking👍

Exhaust (swapped out for stainless steel version)
x2 heat exchangers-some corrosion around one joint
x2 quarter lights-quite corroded in places
Hella front indicator housing, can’t work out if it’s a left or right, small crack
Pair of windscreen wipers (painted silver) with some corrosion near where blades attach
Two large genuine pieces of glass from beside mid & rear quarter lights
Two quarter lights that are quite heavily corroded in places-they were swapped out for just plain glass
A couple of pieces of air ducting
Window winder
A few bits that I can’t identify but might be useful to someone

I shall endeavour to upload some images….feel free to PM if you need more info

Ideally these would be picked up from Swindon area (as either heavy or delicate) and even better if collected en masse!72F8B8DF-AD45-4FB6-9CDB-FEE94D3DFCA2.jpeg CBF6BEBD-E071-4BD1-B388-6ED1B02427CC.jpeg C99414BB-FE0D-4A5C-87B6-E6DDD874D9D1.jpeg A8CAEC40-5D48-44F8-A5D7-6C2D7F28C284.jpeg 2F6FE735-7C4E-46C0-8F16-91FB452C3458.jpeg D92776AA-D883-4BA7-A168-E485A26CFC03.jpeg C7E1CB56-6070-46E2-B0A3-1D6664B1E05B.jpeg 2A247908-43E3-4572-B607-648D11F71C10.jpeg 370D938C-5FA3-449D-9997-43EA1E6E2C9F.jpeg F1672E2C-CFAB-4702-B55A-A6EC30C411BF.jpeg 2EA46FC0-EED3-44F5-B0AC-33EDE274C027.jpeg


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Nov 10, 2022
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Midlands, Uk
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Could you get a better photo of the front marker cover please?

I would need it posting though

The hella logo will be at the top when fitted. There’s also an arrow that indicates which side it is for

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