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Parts For Sale Split bus, early bug, bay and other stuff

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May 26, 2012
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leafy surrey
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Ex Westy,
Front inner valance for a split bus, £50

Cab floor for a bay, Brazilian vw part so lhd £50

Split bus cab door frame, quarter window but no glass, p side, good condition £50

72 up bay o\s disc caliper, new £50

Early type 3 square/fastback rear wings, really good condition, but back lip of arch has been trimmed internally for larger tyres, not visible from outside, £70 pair

65 bug engine lid, excellent condition £55

Curved screen bug bonnet, repro but good, silver £50.00

Early bay rear chassis clip, big 5 irs, no trans , cut includes torsion spring housing, so all mounts for arms etc, great for irs split conversion, £100

Early bay front beam, wide 5 complete, RHD, rock solid £150

Early bug Golde sunroof, I think early 60's, wood front bow, cover shot, but everything else there, £400

Early bay front bumper, genuine vw part, blasted and primed, small split on back of bottom lip, a few number plate holes, £60 as is, or I can weld up holes and split for another £30.

Stock Bus silencer and tail pipe, type 1 style, used but solid, get you on the road, too good to chuck, £30

NOS split bus deluxe trim, nose 2 sets. short rear quarters two sets, sill trim 1 set , long sides, but cut in half and flattened, bumper trim, 67 only. wont split,
all or nothing 3k

Early Karman ghia engine lid badge the big one, type 1 or 3 ghia, genuine part, very good condition £350.

Possibly more parts, will add as I find
All collect only . Jctn 11 m25
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