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Jul 6, 2008
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Hi guy's, been a long time since I've been on here and I'm after a bit of advice on where to buy best quality panels from nowadays? All for early bay not crossover in particular a full front panel n/s full middle panel, n/s rear arch panel (full if pos) and a pair of full front arches.
Tia Nelly.
I think Alan Schofield. Not had direct experience of their panels, but I've heard a lot of folk say they are spot on.
I bought an expensive repair panel from Schofields to repair my windscreen scuttle, and the quality was superb, I will definitely buy from them again. Having said that, it depends on what you are trying to do—if it's a big repair I would always recommend looking for genuine cuts from imported, rust-free buses to ensure everything is going to align as easily as possible. I used FBIVW for a complete roof section, and when it comes to replacing the front end in its entirety I will use them again.

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