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I thought the late discs/callipers were a good upgrade on an early Bay. Parts more available also. Something I have been considering. (unless you wish to retain original spec.)
I think from a parts point of view , yes a great upgrade. I am happy with them.
Lot of people prefer original and if that's what you prefer , your bus your rules.

J & P
First major trip for Boris with the new engine and the leaky gearbox. Hoping to get it done sometime.
Ran like a top all the way down to Cornwall from Taunton after filling up.
Traffic was diverted so those of you who know the A303 was the first part then it was plain sailing.
Had a great week walking first one way then a day later the other way. Lovely weather and not to difficult after being
away from it for so long. Morgan Porth was our destination, 3 minutes walk to the beach.:):):)

The pic of Pippa with the fire is strange I know, found this contraption on the I net and thought I would give it a go.
Basically it is a stainless steel gauze net strung above the ground and you build the fire on it .
Damn it works so well😲😲😲 No mess on the floor underneath, just empty into rubbish next morning.
First night I used a compressed wood log and that was the best, better than the following nights with wood unless
chopped small enough as big thick logs just smoulder and don't warm anything. Was worth every penny. IMO.

Strawberry Moon on the one night but was to late to catch the next one after a long days walk and a good few beers.🤣🤣

Not glad to be back, however looking forward to the next trip.
Another trip to see Nick at C.J. Motors in Bristol to deal with a rouge ball joint and recheck my handbrake, at the end of the month.
This will then complete the MOT worries that were flagged up.

Keep well all, and stay safe out there.

J & P
Back up to Bristol this week for a ball joint replacement and brake adjust.
Moving again at the end of the week:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: 2nd time in 6 months.:ROFLMAO:
Guess somebody has to do it.

Mr Walklett has advised on the gearbox problems:):) and hopefully one day it will get sorted.

Asking this question in the general section also, anybody know where I can order rubber/silicone bushes??

See you on the other side when the computers get unpacked again I think.

Stay safe and keep well.

J & P
Finally in and OH MY F>>>>>K it is so small compared to what we have had in the past.
But on the up side this is ours and not the banks.
No more garage for Boris however in the winter months we have storage, so the incentive is now even greater to use him.


It's nearly finished , just a few small things to be done. Boris has his own parking bay outside the door and it is large enough for Pippa's car also.

The best part of all is we are 5 min drive from Charmouth beach in Dorset.
Well back to packing things away like a squirrel so I can keep it.🤣🤣🤣.

Keep well all and stay safe.

J & P

Away to Ulwell to camp, across from Poole for a long weekend and two days of seeing the Bournemouth Air Show .
Parked right at the beach front for the whole day, if you pay they don't chase you away.:):):)
Boys in red were as good as always although 2 planes short. The Lancaster was awesome, however and unfortunately failed to get a photo:mad::mad::mad: of
the B52 Bomber. My GOD that thing is huge😲😲😲 and what a noise. Great weekend.
Started up on Sunday , no oil pressure temperature and the tacho not working......always something.

Stay safe and Keep Well all.

J & P
Lookin good bud. On your say so, I bought one of those fire pit mesh jobbies. Takes up so little space up to the drum. Used it several times now and it is great indeed. On this last weekend away up to Lutterworth for theTechenders at the farm, I’d become a tad concerned about not being able to cook on it like I could with the drum, so we did jacket potatoes in foil just in the corners we did two and they took well over an hour but awesome and welcome they definitely were, especially as we were well in to the Stellas at this stage 👌

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,, So? Who’ll be first to loose a corner clip? :)
Covered up and hopefully okay for the coming winter.
One bonus of having him so close , can be used on a good day out.
Do prefer having him garaged though, but as they say beggars can't be choosers and living here now is great.


Hope everyone is well. Take care and be safe.

J & P
So after being covered up for the most part of winter, till we had to use him to live in for two weeks.
The worst damage done was the mould accumulation on the hub caps as they are chrome sprayed plastic.
So after an internet search of about an hour for the best answer, White vinegar and Bi carb mixed, soak and wipe clean.
Did it a few times and will do again before going out again. Amazing result as the mould was so ingrained after the winter standing.



Thought I was being clever and mixed the 2 in a spray bottle :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:.
Explosion and it went everywhere, mix in open container first then decant to spray bottle, basic science not my strong point.

Stay safe all.

J & P
It has been a while as a few things have happened at home recently, older folk moving on etc.....
Used a feeler gauge I suspect that was wrong and had a slight panic when my new engine made a
knocking noise, which to my engine builder was amplified over the phone.
He then advised me not to drive it and I shipped it up to him as it is still under guarantee.


I used Shiply and the gent who came out and drove him all the way was spot on even arrived early.
Better safe than sorry they say.

Arrived the next morning safe and sound. It is four hours drive to the garage.:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
So not quite the drive home of shame but Boris has now been on the trailer in my possession.


No nasties in the oil which was a huge relief.
All is well that ends well as they say and after a 5 hour 3 train trip I picked up an undamaged and awesome motor
purring all the way home.


Covered in bugs etc.., but so chuffed to be home, 4 hours back and as I said puurrrrrrrrfect.

Take care everyone. Summer sun is helping that's for sure.

J & P
Tappets racket bud ?

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,, at least he’s home :)
Yes bud, I think it's also had a lot to do with, I think the wrong size feeler gauge possibly?
I threw mine away after the noise started as a precaution and am getting a new set.:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

J & P
Yes bud, I think it's also had a lot to do with, I think the wrong size feeler gauge possibly?
I threw mine away after the noise started as a precaution and am getting a new set.:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

J & P
Next time you’re gonna set your tappets, give me a ring. Just ask Abel what pushrods you have, steel or ally and what he recommends for gaps.

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,, you at Caldicot???:)

Managed to get three on to the bus, before destroying them all. First one ended up in the bin:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:.
Thanks Sparky , turns out I needed them all.

Also if you look carefully you can see the roof rack is packed and ready to go. Off to Cornwall for 6 days.

Keep well all.

J & P


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6 great days in Cornwall, lots of coast path walking, trip out to St Ives for the rainy day and lots of braai's.(barbeque)
Boris behaved impeccably, no problems to report. Just the bloody traffic getting there was a nightmare.


Don't spill dry coffee on the carpet, it melts underfoot sticks like a bastard to everything and requires a new carpet after cleaning up.
Even had to use a scrubbing brush to remove. Not so bad. Just annoying.

And of course the obligatory wash and vacuum on arrival at home.

Well that was fun, hope everybody is okay.
Keep safe all.

J & P
Great pictures, do you think you can try and be a little less messy in future ! I have some tiny ‘issues’ like this frequently with my gammy fingers refusing to cooperate with my eyesight and brain. Makes for fun fun fun with tiddly tight nuts and carb fiddling too. :)

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,and you had the very very best of the weather to boot :)

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