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Got mine and the brackets for my mud flaps. They can live in the garage for a while along with all the other mile long list of jobs that I hasn’t done yet. Mrs Ozziedog has got me nose to it the grinder decorating thevhall stairs and landing. Rubbed down all the doors yesterday, four upstairs and three downstairs a mahoosive loft hatch and two six foot cupboard doors plus all the skirting architrave and stringers too. I’m undercoating today but my shoulder is still aching from yesterday with the rubbing down. Flat doors would have been nicer.

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,work at Asda tomorrow for a rest. :) :unsure::)
I should order something - if only to get a sticker or two :) Can't remember if I've got a throttle kit already or not though - will have a look under the bus and check next time I'm at the workshop LOL!
Been meaning to get on there for a mudflap fitting kit for ages. So ordered the kit and a couple of stickers too. :)

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,who else couldn’t resist the air fresheners lol:):cool::)
Yeh I’d seen em last week on there as well and i do want me some as well

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