Cab floor hole - which grommit?

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Apr 2, 2010
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I'm just starting to put my van back together after painting and I've sorted all the holes that are in the cab floor, like the pedal stops etc, except for this one near the brake pedal. I've searched previous posts on the forum and the usual parts suppliers and no one seems to list a part for it? does anyone know, or have pictures of what should be there? It looks to be a factory hole and I've seen them on some replacement panels at the suppliers, I'm beginning to think it should just be a hole with nothing in it, any help would be great! PS: its '71 LHD

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the info, I remember seeing that some early bays (Maybe '68's) have a reservoir behind the kick panels, mine is behind the seat, but this could well be a left over from the earlier buses. It seems strange to leave a hole when i'm replacing the pedal seals underneath and the foam pedal seals above.
Another search on google has only found 1 pic from the samba, and it does show a clip in the rough area holding this pipe from the reservoir, anyone ever seen one for sale at a retailer?
Mine is a '72 crosser and i have the reservoir on the front panel, behind kicks.
Just pop a sealing grommet in there if you dont have the hose, with a smear of Sika or Tiger Seal if youre worried about water ingress. I use rubber lined stainless or nylon 'P' clips to hold hoses.
This one can be bolted through that hole to secure it using a shallow head bolt, (Pan head or domed Allen). You can always swap it out if you find the right clip.
Or...trawl around the scrappy's as these kind of clips are still used on some cars.

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