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Vehicle For Sale Devonette Resto Project £5000

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May 11, 2020
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For Sale - 1972 Devonette - resto project. This van is Tax & MOT exempt, it starts and runs and everything works but will need to be transported as one of the brakes is binding. It hasn’t been used much in the last 5 years and will therefore need some general maintenance and like many vans of this age it needs some serious body work and welding etc. However if you’re in the business or have the skills or a pot of money then you could make yourself a lovely van. Serious enquiries only. Van is located in Bmth/Dorset. £5000


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More details please, a price is mandatory.
I’m happy to provide more details but I’m not sure about price as I’ve never sold a van before. I’m not really sure what it would be worth currently which is why I didn’t put a price in the advert but perhaps you could guide me.

Many thanks 🙏

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