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magoo said:
Looks perfect, we had to cancel our trip last weekend when I had a bad reaction to a local anaesthetic.

Is that the sun canopy rubber from NLAVW? With the canvas sewn with an industrial sewing machine?


Sorry to hear you had to cancel your trip!!

We had a great time 5 days sunshine in a row whitout a single cloud in sight!

Yes that is the same rubber only mine was a OG westfalia that i bought a long time ago when this was still available, the material from the canopy is a heavy gauge tent cotton cloth.
Looks Fantastic, some of the pics could be straight from the 70’s ... thanks for sharing [emoji106]

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Dirty Harry said:
Does anybody know where to get this metall bracket?

Sorted with the bracket 8)
Another question, i have a Firetec system but the presure in the bottle is on the low side but there is a valve like a tire valve and the manual says you can pump it up if the presure is low, i tried but the foam escapes before presure gets in?!
Anybody on here have the same system and represurised it?
Does anybody have a clothing hook from the westfalia wardrobe cabinet laying around, looking for one.

There you go:

How did you attach the USB car charger to the inside of the sink unit pipe? Many of your images are no longer available which is a shame!
Thanks for the link but i found a used one overhere.
I glued a 12 volt socket in there where the USB fits in.
I upload the pic again.
Last wednesday the VW importer of Holland Pon organised a bus to Buzz tour to celebrate 75 years of VW in Holland and 75 years bus where it started with the famous sketch.
From hundreds of busses 75 where selected to yoin for a tour trough Holland.
This was a incredible day whith food stops music and a route of 175km that took us to some really nice places.
Damm spitty’s got away with the prices lol.

Scroll down for the pics in this link


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