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Sep 14, 2010
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Have been trying to start van today was going ok until I tried to turn on the lights the first pull was fine but when I pulled it out fully everything went off dash lights radio clock alarm interior lights and if I turned the key nothing . Took battery off checked fuses which are all ok apart from 3 rd from right which had melted the end of the fuse but still not blown . Connected battery back up and clock ,radio etc all started as soon as I connected battery pulled the lights which out fully and again all power gone.
Checked voltage on light switch has 12v on no. 30 but when I pull out the switch it goes to 0v
Could it be a faulty switch or problem with fuse board .
Have tried checking wiring diagram but it shows 10 fuses but I have 12

It's a early 1970 bay UK RDH.
Any info or wiring info which I can check through would be great
Just found a wiring diagram off vintage bus which makes much more sense.
Just got to figure out why I loose all power on no.30 on light switch iginition and flasher relay ,feed to fuse 1& 2
Any ideas !!!!!!!
Bloody things in the garage now until I have lots of info to check wiring
From your description it could be a poor connection in a number of places. My favourite for checking first of all is the starter motor large stud terminal on the solenoid with the main battery lead and usually a couple of other smaller cables. Disconnect the battery and remove the M8 nut then make sure all the connections are clean and bright and I suspect you will be motoring OK.
Peter Good
check your headlight bulbs, filament blown on one could have dropped across the other filament creating a short. happened to me and was a right bugger to diagnose on the roadside
Will check the lights good point
The cables to battery and starter are all good as just had new starter so they all ok .
Going to try and see if I can look behind fuses to see if any loose wires etc as well

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