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Jun 2, 2023
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Hi, I have just purchased an abandoned project 1972 VW van. The previous owner has cut all the cables in the engine bay and I am looking for anyone with photos of what goes where. There is also a Solex 34 carb with 3 vacuum outlets- the distributor has no vacuum connection- any idea on what to do with the 3 outlets? What wires connect to the carb?
Many thanks in anticipation of some help and guidance.


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Starting with your distributor, what reference numbers are on there ?
It does look like an 009 and if it is it will have mechanical advance only and no need for vacuum advance. First off before you get carried away with wiring etc, maybe have a close look at all the fuel lines, especially wherever there’s a bend or two. Gotta say that your wiring does look adventurous ! :) With regards to the carb, I can’t remember having a stock one for a rather long time so hopefully someone with a stock set up will help out here. Initially I’d try blocking them all but I’d imagine one is for a vent, one for the distributor and I’m not sure about the third but possibly the original air filter which incidentally is much better if you lay your hands on one. And wires to the carb I’m thinking should be for your electronic choke , but don’t quote me.
An abandoned project sounds like great fun,,,, enjoy :cool:

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,, So ,,, welcome, welcome and welcome :)
From what I can see the electrical connections to the carb (choke and solenoid) are connected and ok

The vacuum seems to be blocked off with something blue and as it’s an aftermarket air filter the other pipes aren’t going to be in place.

Just a case of tidying things up?

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