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Jul 2, 2012
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Well after 3 years of ballaches - mainly with the engine and numerous gearboxes, I'm finally finding the love for my van. I've been using it everyday now since the end of June and done nearly 3000 miles. Got a few things to do over winter before it starts getting used for the family camping trips I bought the chuffing thing for! Cant wait. :D

Cheers dude! yep, I love a low van too but with all the engine and box issues, I couldn't afford the money to get it slammed and its gotto be reasonable practical to get into fields without ripping the exhaust off so its staying stock height!

Yep, the wheels are my favourite part of the whole bus and were a bit of a lucky ebay find! There's not many aftermarket wheels that will suit a stock height bus whilst keeping that 1970's vibe. I was going to go with Flat 4 slot mags until I found these beauts. :) Think they work but bit of a nightmare finding some wheel nuts. Had to get some modified in the end. I'm going to get some more specially made out of a much better grade of material as I don't overly trust the Chinese ones!
Lovely looking bus. Nice to see something different, and it works really well. :)
Agree with all the previous comments. The wheels are ace 8)
I like it!, Wheels look like something from a 70s tv show!

Bays look cool low but I have a 59/60 beetle as well which touches the ground (literally) and tbh it can be a reet paint sometimes. You have to drive it onto two wooden sets of ramps just so I can get a Low profile jack underneath :D


Its refreshing being able to work on the van literally just by crawling under!, and most camp sites are like 4x4 courses anyway!
Dickie524 said:
Dare I ask what those wheels were originally from?

They're off a Late bay 1978 Landmark Conversion camper. Pretty rare I think as they were so chuffing expensive, that not many of them were sold. They only made them in 2 colours, blue and white or brown and white with Pimped up fat biscuit headlining, spot lights inside, captains swivel seats air conditioning. Etc etc. So Cool!

Still 5X112 stud pattern and nice offset.


Apologies for the pic of a late bay on earlybay!
Looks very cool! Should be only a small bit lower at the front and then it would be perfect! ;)
Best regards
Looks great! no need to lower the front as when you sit in it it levels out. Thats how they were designed.

Enjoy the ride :D
Hi all Well its been a while since I last posted! Sorry! And sorry for reviving an old thread but thought i’d post a couple of photos following the campers 2 1/2 year restoration.

I’m super happy with how it turned out. Hope you like it too after a load of work by the brilliant gents at Double H Restorations.



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