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Sold Microbus Deluxe Door Cards and Mid/Rear(3/4 slit) and Bench Seats

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May 29, 2020
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I have a pair of seats for a microbus deluxe for sale/trade along with the respective doorcards. Everything is original so, ipso facto, Hugo Ago-go it aint perfect by any means. Everything could be carefully repaired/restored with the right pair of hands.

The cards are a full minus the tailgate door (I have a plain black vinyl covered board here, not sure it it is original) and and kickboards (I never had those). The fibreboard is, in the politest of sence buggered on some of the cards and wobbly at best on the others. I am pretty sure though they can be carefully removed and reglued over a new set of boards.

The seats are in need of a bit of a clean and restitching along a couple of seems, simple as that. I'll even include the front seat covers although that wont have the seat frames as I still need those!

The chrome is a bit patchy as it's older than me! The hand rail for the rear seat is included and just needs a bit of a polish.

The plastic trim wont be included although the photo does show it on the door card. It, itself will be being repaird and reused keeping some of that old deluxe magic!

I'm not looking for the earth, if you can collect from the Wakefield/Leeds area and can possibly source me the lense for that funny little light on the dash and/or something retro and fun then you may have a trade on your hands.





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I hardly need to bump this but does anyone want these? Just the seats? A bit of good karma going here, practically free, hell free if you come and get them! I'm gonna be leaning on all sorts for advice as I rebuild the bus and my '69 Beetle was initially built from good old fashion trading and the passing on of unused bits. So what do you say?
I might have a go at saving the door cards. How much are you looking for them Hotrodthug and also where abouts in the country are you

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