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Hey, its been a while since I posted any photos here, and since Photobucket has gone and fucked us all, and no old pics are showing, I thought I would test the new photo upload feature.... :)

Winter scrubber

The "in the grass" shot

I bit of promo for my craft brewery :)

Thank you!
Its been some time, since I made time to give to my bus some love, almost 3.5 years since the last post...!
Yesterday I spent the morning de-griming and cleaning, its looking real tired, with no love and being stored outside its quite sad, I have been looking at it over the last few months since I moved it to yard where I work, trying to decided should it stay or should it go....
It bounced to life again pretty quickly, started no problem, lots of minor issues the worst being no brake lights and 1st gear is a challenge to find. However we took it for a spin over to Hove and back and it was really good fun, both of us grinning quite a lot..
I suggested to the kids, who last went camping in it in 2018 a trip in two weeks, so a deadline to get it looking and driving better.
More to follow :)


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Welcome back! I love the look of it tbh, could do with a good clean and polish, sort the little issues out and get driving it! Sometimes life gets in the way but these things just put a smile on your face dont they! :cool: