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Parts Wanted Need 4 of these please…

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Aug 14, 2010
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IMG_9305.pngsold my old beam as a complete unit and now realise I need so many bits .
Where can I source a set of these collars please.
Id give someone like Simon Ballard at NOSVW a shout. Best bet would be to knock a set off a rusty scrap beam.
FYI, If you are using a new aftermarket beam the bearings could be a different size (O/D) and the original seal carriers are a loose fit in the beam. I had to get some reducing collars made so I could press the OG collars in to run the seals correctly. Mine was from JK (narrowed 2")
Is it this that you’re looking for? Excuse the squiggly circling, I’m on the peasant wagon


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I looked tonight, my narrowed beam doesn’t have the seal cups, just the seals , and it’s been fine.

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