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May 10, 2019
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Hi all
My names Michael and I have a early 71 dormobile, will get some photos up asap.
If theres anyone who can de code my plate please get in touch TY
Hiya Michael, nice to hear from you. I’ve never used the M plate decoder myself but I’ll see how you get on then I might have a shot myself. It’s can’t be that hard or can it :unsure:

Ozziedog,,,,,,,, pop up the piccies then :)
Hiya Michael, nice to hear from you. I’ve never used the M plate decoder myself but I’ll see how you get on then I might have a shot myself. It’s can’t be that hard or can it :unsure:

Ozziedog,,,,,,,, pop up the piccies then :)
Thanks m8, will give it a try now, cheers
Good evening all
I'm on the m plate decoder, and the first obstacle I have encountered is the lay out of the plate, there is a photo showing the plate with 4 lines of info, however, on the decoder, there is only one space for the first line, mine has 4 sets of numbers on top line, one on 2nd 5 sets on 3rd and 6 on 4th, was there a difference in the plate years?
My vw was born April 71, TY
Hello Michael, and welcome to the forum.
If you want to send me a pic of your M plate, I can either decode it for you or give you a hand to do it yourself.
Hi hopefully these are ok? TY


  • IMG_20221115_135749.jpg
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  • IMG_20221115_135726.jpg
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Hi all
Went out this afternoon with dolce the 71 bay, took some photos of her, forgot to hide her number plate, will this be a problem? TY
Hi, sorry but have never been on a forum or any on-line stuff so am unsure of whats what lol
A friend suggested most people do so when selling on line, so thought best to ask the question first!
Thanks for the reply
Hi hopefully these are ok? TY
Go to the decoder page, pick model year 70-79 and then fill in the top line with the top row of numbers, (they are your shortened chassis no.) and E for Emden, carry on with 793 as M codes row 1, 040652 is the paint and interior codes and then A41, etc is the 2nd row of M codes.
02 5is the production date, 7997 is the production planning no. EN is the destination, etc
Hopefully these are ok, enjoy!


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Here's a few more photos, although the quality of pics seems rubbish!
Heres a couple of pictures of the new 1641cc engine, still running in, have only put 70 miles on her so far.


  • IMG_20221122_133949.jpg
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  • IMG_20221122_134024.jpg
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Lol, i keep being told its patina, but yes, I agree, dolce looks tired, but after nearly 4.5 k on her new engine, she will have to remain so until more funds come in !
Drives great, stops ok, only problem at mo is the lack of heat in cab, probably get more heat if I light a couple of candles at front !

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