Reluctance to move from 3rd to 2nd when hot...?

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Bears Dad

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May 28, 2009
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Morning all,

Just returned from a beautiful week in VERY sunny Wales - 600 miles round trip.

Bus ran smoothly... but... it's not always keen to slip into 2nd from 3rd when hot.

Any ideas?

I don't know how old the clutch is - I've had 14+ years
To the best of my knowledge, the gearbox oil has never been changed


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Jan 24, 2010
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East Brizzal
Rule number one with gearbox oil is to check you can get oil in before you let any oil out. Check firstly that you can open the filler plug as it’s happened so many times that you can drain the oil but can’t loosen the filler plug to fill with fresh. Crack off both the drain and the filler, then go for a couple of miles drive to warm the oil a little to help with draining. Once it’s draining into a suitable container don’t start looking for your drain plug in the oil as that’s when you usually knock the whole lot over, nowadays I drain into a large container with the side cut out something like an old plastic gallon oil container that’s nice and light to hold up then gradually lower to the floor, if your drain plug is in there, it’s easier to pour it into an old oil container from there and find your plug. As for oils to replace it with , I’d stick with regular high multigrade oils just because it’s far superior to old oil or none at all style oil. I used that very oil listed above ^^^ and was not impressed with it at all. It was labelled / branded back then as syn trans oil. I’d had no trouble with my box / trans at all but hadnt changed the oil for three or four or five years when I remember putting in Morris 80/90 I think it was. So I’d heard great reports on the syn trans , like never change your oil again type comments and thought it was a good thing to do. Once I’d changed the oil to syn trans, my transmission started howling the very same day and possibly within five or ten miles. I replaced it with Morris again but the howling stayed. Chatting to some very knowledgeable types on here and at shows and friends in the engineering game, they all came to the same conclusion that the detergents added in the synthetic oil was enough to clean out all the old muck that had taken up residence in the slack around the bearings and surfaces in this box. Possibly this is a downside and possibly ive brought forward some bearing issues that may not have appeared for several years or possibly appeared at all. If you’ve not changed your oil in the past few years I’d avoid the synthetic, I’ve got a fair bit of it here that’s done no more than fifty miles and I’ll use it to top up my steering box but that’s lot of top ups innit. If anybody wants it, feel free to come and get it , it’s in Bristol just make a donation to the Earlybay. The container/ bottles that gearbox oil comes in are fab fab fab for carrying a litre of oil in next to your battery with a cracking nozzle tube on for getting it nicely down your neck when topping up your motor, this is how I knew it was Morris gearbox oil originally ;)

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,,of course,,,, this may have been a ‘one off’:)

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