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Apr 29, 2010
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The sliding door mechanism on my 69 LHD Westy works fine, with the exception of the lock 'switch' internally (above the handle, teardrop shaped white plastic). In the 'up' position, the door is unlocked internally, but in the 'down' is locked and won't allow the external handle to be lifted to complete the closing stage for the door. The switch is completely loose and won't stay in the 'up' unlocked position.

I assume there should be some type of spring mechanism that holds this small switch in place, does anybody know if this is mounted externally, or is it within the door mechanism itself? The switch appears to have a small hole in the end of it that could take a spring. I can't find any detailed diagrams which show this element.

Any help would be appreciated. I don't want to replace the whole mechanism as it is original and works fine otherwise, but I would like it to perform as intended.

Thanks in advance.
vinvan said:
Ours is the same, think there is a spring inside the mechanism that holds the lever up! but dont think it can be replaced because its a sealed-unit, i just put a bit of bluetack under the leaver to stop it flopping down then lock the door with the key or if we are in the van just remove the bluetack

hope this helps

Yes, it is a sealed unit, but with care and the judicial use of a grinder and drill it can be opened up. Be prepared to have things fly apart and for you to take a long time and 3 hands to put it back together. There is a small flat coiled spring with 2 legs that controls the lock lever position as you can see in this picture, circled in red.
Use a hair bobble around the lever?
Small elastic cloth-covered band, available in loads of colours, and provides enough friction to stop the lever dropping into "lock you out" position.

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