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Sep 23, 2017
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1971 lhd. I’ve started to experience problems with the rear catch of the door not engaging without slamming. I have always closed it by right hand on handle to slide and left hand pushing on rear of door to help. Never had a problem. Now I have to really push and slam. I haven’t tried yet but I reckon it would be really difficult to close from the inside. The mechanism looks ok and it is all lubed up. any suggestions please B2BF384B-F322-4DAB-BD82-BC06F1124CE6.jpeg?
The door slides to open smoothly, what I have just noticed is when it is at the point where the rear section pulls in …if I lift the bottom left of the door I hear a definite “ click “ in the sliding block where the chrome arm enters the block, It then hits some sort of resistance which requires a tug to clear it, once cleared the door slides to and fro with no problem798543D7-F708-4C4A-8E62-C7A7451D509B.jpeg

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