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Oct 2, 2007
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Does anyone know where I can source just the wheel bearing hub spacer that's required for fitment of 944 hubs onto front spindles please?

The spacer that is placed between the inner and outer wheel bearing to match the distance of a standard hub.

I've been researching the same thing. Had the whole set up years ago with full porsche 944 n/a and knew it could be done on stock/dropped drum spindles. Just never got round to it and sold the bits (luckily not the wheels).

I've just bought the full 944 n/a legs again; hubs, discs and calipers. However it looks like dropped drum spindles are extinct. A lot of links on Google but not finding them.

Some of the same players mentioned; Transporthaus, vdubengineering, wagon west etc but hard to find out if still operating. Transport has at C&C but don't seem to have stock, Alex doesn't seem to be about anymore.

So what are the options now? I do have two sets of 20mm 5x112 to 5x130 adapters that were a back up but would rather do the swap as this limits width one standard front beam.

I'm on earlybay transporterhaus dropped spindles running standard discs/calipers. Got 944 hubs/discs, so need the spacer kit as above and calipers brackets. 944 n/a calipers were able to be used on drum spindles, but for disc spindles iirc it was 944 turbo or wilwood. Boxter and 911 also get mentioned. Just trying to get a clear Steering (no pun intended)

I'm OK on the back as still got the porsche drilled transporterhaus drums/hubs/stub axles I bought years ago.

Thank you for any advice, believe me I've read through many threads on here (even my own from June 2011) , late bay, the samba but seem to be going in circles
Vdub engineering is still around, Lanner has moved a couple times. but he still builds parts in his spare time.
So an update - although communication was pretty inconsistent, Lanner at vdugengineering sent over a set of the spacers.

Next questions to those who have fitted the spacers...were the spacers a tight or loose fit? The set of spacers I have from Lanner are quite a bit smaller than the outer diameter, but the inner diameter is good.

I have emailed him to confirm, but given the sporadic response time and the weekend, I would like to fit it all together if they are right.

I'm not sure if there are differences in bearing between the 944 and 944Turbo front hubs, but I have the latter, but not sure what the differences are.
did you get the correct kit for your hubs? there is one for the 944NA and one for the 944turbo, so that means something is different in the kit. Lanner can be reached on WhatsApp

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