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May 30, 2021
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Hello, we had our 1971 T2 modestly lowered about a year ago, having a new Transporterhaus beam fitted to the front and a spline adjust to the rear. All done properly by a respected air cool specialist. We had new stock wheels and tyres fitted at the same time. On completion the specialist advised that we should have a full geometry laser set up, which we did. Having now covered 3 to 4,000 we have found that both front tyres have worn badly on the outside. We are about to have them replaced and the geo re done. The tyre shop may have messed up last time, but my long winded question is - should geometry setting remain as per the manual if a van has been lowered?? Not an extreme lowering, take a look at the image below. Thank you !EA03E4BF-EABD-49C6-A732-84C8548E6E42.jpeg

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