VW Stamped Flat Hub Caps With No Holes ?!

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Sep 26, 2020
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Hi Guys,

Apologies as I know flat hubcaps are more of a late bay thing (Mine is a crossover) but anyway, I bought a set of hubcaps of a guy on Facebook and they don’t have the holes on the edge for using the pulling tool to get them off! Has anyone seen hubcaps like this before? I have no idea what they are from or who made them but they are the same size as regular flat caps but do have a marginally different stamping profile.

Any ideas on these, I don’t really have any comeback on the seller if they are incorrect as it was a Facebook deal but would like to know if they are for another VW as at least then I could potentially shift them on eBay etc to get my money back.


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Aug 20, 2015
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Brixham, Devon
Have you tried them on your wheels?That looks like a modern genuine vw part for a 72 -79 bus 112 pcd stud pattern 14" wheel. Do they have a matt grey, stonechip type finish inside? Ones available over the last few years have a wider rim than originals but are made for 112 wheels. Never seen them without puller holes though.
I bought some from GSF years ago and they came in og vag branded boxes.
If they are, the chrome won't last 5mins before pitting and rusting, especially around the badge indent.
I have a feeling they were made for Brazilian bay buses, hence the fair weather chrome.

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