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Vehicle Wanted Wanted - Honest runner £9k to £12k

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Hi all

After a few years away from classic VW ownership I'm looking to get back into it with a van to enjoy with the family.
An early bay would be the preference but would consider any bay window in case anyone has anything suitable. A tin top would be great, I'm not keen on welding but I'm not expecting a minter for my budget. As the title says up to 12k is the budget but if there's something needs a bit of work and isn't going to spiral out of control financially I'll happy to put a bit of work in to get it running.
Let me know what you got... Please!
Hi - just seen your post, I realise it’s a while ago but are you still looking? I have Type 2 Early Bay 1972 that I’ve had for 30 years but I’m now looking to let go…very sadly. She’s on the cross-over year so low front indicators and square ones at the back. It’s a Devonette model, so no kitchen but has a bed and extra seating. The van is Tax & MOT exempt and starts and runs ok but it’s tatty and needs work but it has great potential. If you have can weld or have a contact that can or you know someone in the business then great opportunity.

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