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Kevin Healey

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Apr 10, 2024
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Hello, I've had my Bus for 19 years now. The last 15 it has spent in the garage waiting to be revived (wife didn't think it'd be the best baby hauler).
It's all original and complete, pretty straight except for a bit of a scrunched nose. I'm in the process of reversing the last 54 years, It's a slow
process but I'm enjoying it and driving it is like nothing else.

Thanks for having me,
Kevin in PDXView attachment 7992
KevinView attachment 7992
Hi Kevin or Kev, I’m only Stephen when my mum is telling me off. Take the opportunity and bang up a few photos and maybe start your own thread and perhaps any older pictures too. You could do this in the ‘Gallery’ section then add to it if you have any issues or problems or even if you just change things. These bay windows are becoming historical items and yours with it’s ownership pedigree is a superb example of hanging on to one.
We can also let you know if there’s any camping expeditions etc that a few of us could get too and hang out etc,,,,,,,,drink beer,,,,,,,, chat baloney,,,,,,,etc etc etc. Around a camp fire of course :)

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,glad you’ve joined us :)
Welcome to the forum! Just to let you know the attachments you added to your post are not working for me anyway. I use the 'insert image' icon in the post box, shown above.

Good luck with your restoration:)
All the best Kevin, a pickie I’d be nice, I threw the gauntlet to my cobbers and made the mistake but I do have to come good on it, my 1971 I got in late November last year and I made the statement “ registered and driving in one year, now six months have gone, oh dear. 🤣
Sorry guys, I don't know why pics didn't open. I'll give it another go. It's a running/driving unit now,
It has an 1835, Dual port with a single carb that gets it around pretty well even with the extra weight
of the Campmobile interior. The first pic is when I got the bus in 2005 the other two are recent.


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