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2027cc engine 6 rib gearbox £3300

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May 11, 2008
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west devon
2027cc Type 1
Autolinea high roof universal case
Full flowed
Mahle Barrels and pistons
web 86 cam
1.25:1 rockers
Manton Push rods
blueprinted oil pump
CB rotary pump
compression 8.1:1
Fuel injection shroud.
36 Dellorto DRLA with 32 vents - reconditioned by alfa1750 in italy
CB Manifolds 40mm to maintain intake velocity
Mocal 19 row cooler with auto fan.
Mocal Oil Thermostat
Vintage Speed Exhaust.
CB heads
8 Dowel flywheel with Kennedy Stage 1/Kush loc clutch
Bosch SVDA distributor
CB centre pull linkage

I cant remember the spec on the box but it was rebuilt with a taller 4th.
I got the above from a forum member about 18 months ago and never fitted it as I have been waiting for a full body restoration. the garage has let me down and I have decided to refit the old single port if I ever get on the road!
Will get some pics up over the next few days and contact the seller to get more info on it, he called it a torque monster.
Located near Plymouth and would need collecting.
If the sale falls through can you contact me please

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