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For Sale - Type 2/Type 3/Type 34 stroker engine, exhaust system & heat exchangers

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Feb 9, 2008
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2058 stroker engine for sale. Will fit Type 2, Type 3 or Type 34.
I was going to fit it to the deluxe bus project, but plans have changed.
Built by Hector Howe for my Type 3 but never fitted before the car was sold. The majority of parts were supplied by RJ VolksPerformance.
Engine spec as follows;
UO engine case (has engine bar mounts for use in buses), shuffle pinned and tapped for full flow oil, machined for 2058cc.
80mm counterweighted crank
90.5mm barrels and pistons
Unitech 5.5” I beam rods
DPR 12lb flywheel
200mm stage 1 Kennedy clutch with Daiken friction plate
CB Performance 044 Magnum heads with 40mm inlet and 35.5mm exhaust stainless steel valves, ported and with matched IDF manifolds.
Engle 120 clearanced cam, straight cut gears and SCAT lifters
Manton cut to length cro-moly pushrods
Jay Cee pushrod tubes
SCAT Pro-Street 1:1.25 rockers with bolt-up shafts
CSP valve covers
Shadek 26mm oil pump
CB Performance Wide Glide 2 quart shallow sump with custom machined sump plate


CSP Python Type 3/Type 34 42mm stainless exhaust system with J tubes.
Unboxed, but never fitted.


CSP Type 3 42mm big bore heat exchangers.
Unboxed, but never fitted.


All collection only from Bristol, or can deliver to Slough Swapmeet upon receipt of deposit.

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