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Aug 21, 2020
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Hey folks. Im looking to install a cigarette lighter in my 68 for purely just my tyre inflator and maybe a charge point etc etc . I got one to install and wondered what you folks did to instal it if you have one.? Im thinking one or two ways but just seeing what you folks say. Cheers.
I just ran a wire back to the fuse box with an inline fuse in it.

I'm not sure about the tyre inflator but if you want a power point, then Geek Shack sell some subtle ashtray mounted usb power outlet solutions.
Cheers both. Which terminal did you use and what was you step by step ? Sorry im in one of those cant grasp modes ha 😕.
Cheers both. Which terminal did you use and what was you step by step ? Sorry im in one of those cant grasp modes ha 😕.
I think I just used a test lead until I found a spare one that had a permanent live feed. It depends if you want it always available or just when the van is on/ the ignition is live.
Then it’s literally just a wire connection and an earth - some may be self earthing.
On a US covered dash you can ‘feel’ for spare switch spaces but you still may need to cut the dash , or mount it separately.

I have the same sort of set up but installed it in the engine compartment. For the same reasons (non smoker).
You can see it on the left hand side, has two crocodile clips which I connect to the leisure battery if needed.

J & P
Cheers @Clem il have to see on mine what i can do or try ha.

Wow @gas1man oh i would never thought of having it there but makes sense This has thrown me now ha. You engine bay looks good by the way 🤙
Have 2 on mine, one on the dash for sat nag and one on the rear cupboard for tyre pump etc.

Just a simple LED strip?
Power from the battery, earth to the body and a switch linked to the door hatch?
I have a similar set up, no pictures as I never actually finished it. I didn't want to have it permanently live so didn't use a switch instead was going down the route of an inline connector that I can just plug in when I want the light.

If you do use a switch you'd want an inline fuse as well.
Some of those tyre inflaters use quite a bit of power. I ran some 2.5mm flex direct from the battery via an in-line fuse on the positive. The ciggy socket is mounted in the rear bench seat. Even with this, if I run the inflater for more than a couple of minutes, the plug on the inflater gets quite warm!
Then the plug on the inflator is the problem not your wiring. Replace /check the connections on it
I’ve got an inflater that I’ve had for donkeys years. It has the ciggy socket but also has two crocodile clips. After twenty years plus, it all went a bit wonky so I replaced the lead with just a male ciggy socket then made an eighteen inch patch lead with an old female ciggy socket and a pair of leads with crocodile clips on. You don’t even need to shield it really on the outside because the outside is also the earth. When I’m using it on the family dailies I just plug it in their cars and pump the tyres. If I need to use it on the van then I get this patch lead out and plumb it straight in to the battery and there’s then no issue with heating wiring / switches / fuses / etc etc :)

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,very primitive but very effective,,,,, oh and easy :)
P.S. I keep it in a resealable sandwich bag in the back of the passenger seat so I always have it. When I’m camped, I can use it to charge my phone etc and leave it in the noisey cupboard out of the way.

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,,I got loads of ‘ justincase ‘ stuff in my van :cool:

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