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May 22, 2009
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I tried to change my fuel pump this morning and had to leave the old on in the end. I have one of these from VWH: https://www.vwheritage.com/113127025d-fuel-pump-t1-t2-1-2-1-6-for-dynamo-rod-best-quality
First off the inlet at the top hits the inlet manifold so I undid the bolt at the bolt to turn this round, then the outlet underneath points straight at the dizzy. I undid the screws to turn this round but now it's very close to the dyno belt, too close. Not sure how I'm supposed to fit it.
Also, now I've undone the top bolt it leaks fuel past the bolt head. It looks like the cap doesn't have a seal around the bolt entry at all so I don't understand how it seals at all, am I being stupid?

You can remove the 5/6 screws and rotate the outlet to where is the best place. If the top bolt leaks, maybe try to snug a bit more, it should create a seal between the flat part of the bolt and the aluminium top.
Yep that is the problem though, I have undone the 6 screws and it either hits the inlet manifold or is too close to the dyno belt for comfort.
I have tightened the top bolt but there is no gasket or anything to stop the leak, I guess I need to get in touch with VWH.
My bus is totally stock so it seems odd it's such a problem.

So turns out my "new" fuel pump I actually bought 3 years ago and the design has changed (so VWH tell me) only alternative is buy a new one (with a bit if discount for my trouble, thanks VWH)
The good news is it doesn't leak, the bad news is it looks the flippin' same and the same problem exists with the inlet & outlet. My bus engine is totally stock so I don't understand how this is supposed to fit. I need to call VWH but here's the pics showing first fitting (inlet pipe hits inlet manifold and outlet to carb means a horrible bend int he fuel pipe as it hits the dizzy cap and spring clip.
I loosened the single bolt at the top and swiveled the inlet round to the front which is fine but if I remove the 6 bolts and swivel the bottom round it puts the fuel pipe too close to the dynamo belt?






sparkywig said:
What's wrong with the position in the lower pics?

The fuel hose is pushed hard up against the dizzy cap spring bending it at an angle. It's possible through vibration it could wear through the pipe.
I spoke too soon. I just opened the engine lid and it stinks of fuel, wipe my finger over the top of the pump and it got fuel pooled around the bolt top. It's as tight as I'm comfortable with and I guarantee if I open it there is no seal to stop fuel going up the bolt thread.
Doubt you can see it from the photo but here it is anyway. Will call VWH in the morning and see if I can get one of the cheapo pumps sent ASAP.
Spoke to VWH, very helpful as always, offered to send a straight replacement but I opted to go for the cheaper sealed unit as I don't expect another new one to be any different, they were happy to oblige.
I've mailed them pics of the fitment as I can't believe I'm the only person who has had this problem.

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