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Apr 29, 2010
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Wondering if there is anyone who can give me a sanity check on my engine install.

I removed the old 1600 with alternator conversion, by NOS 1600 with porsche style small genny and external regulator is now in. I have wired it up as follows;
Large red cable from battery postivie to B+ on regulator (top right)
Brown earth lead to brown earth on regulator, which then runs to genny (top left).
Green wire (assuming this is the idiot light on dash and supposed to be blue as per VW wiring diagram) to bottom left hand connection on generator.
Am I missing anything?

Do I need to take a D+ lead from the regulator anywhere?

I haven't tried to start the engine yet, but wanted to check if this is correct before i potentially blow the reg or something.

I am just fitting one, these are the instructions, mine looks a little different to yours, but I guess the connectors are the same...

There are two cables from my gen.

(D+) thicker cable provides the 12v charging voltage/current

(DF) smaller cable provides the feedback from the reg to limit the charging current/voltage (DF - field).

These are essential and looks like you have these connected.

Mine doesn't have an earth option, it uses the bus chassis, but having a separate earthing cable is a nice idea.

As it's a used mechanical reg could be worth looking inside the reg. and checking the points. Mine were worn away.


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