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Max Power

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May 1, 2010
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White Cliffs country
Since my mot where I had to put on indicators,full beam and stop lamps the idicator tell tale now glows with the engine/ign on,when you indicate they glow/flash brighter.I had a look today and saw the earth from the relay had come off as the connector had broken.I soldered on a new connector,cleaned the earth tab and refitted,still the same.I then took off the switch to check it,it looks ok but the fault is the same with the switch off the van.
If the relay is pulled out the lights go out
Next I checked the relay,from connector KBL (turn tell tale) I had 3 volts.When I closed the contacts in the relay it dropped to zero and the light went bright.
So I think the tell tale light are pos supplied and earthed to flash on?
Has anyone had a similar fault before I go out and buy a relay to try.
I can tell u are right with the prem +ve and given an earth to flash...that's all I can tell you though!

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