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Oct 17, 2013
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Wondered if anybody can help. I have just changed my steering wheel for an MCJ wheel which looks brilliant and everything is back in full working order apart from the illumination of the bulbs for the high beam and parking light, which don't illuminate on the dash when activated. The headlights, high beam, indicators, hazards etc themselves are working fine. I've checked the bulb and fuses which seem ok. Could it be relay related or is there a connection on the indicator switch that may have become dislodged when I've put it back together which is causing it or possibly a bad earth somewhere?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Yeah, only the steering column has been taken out. No dash cluster removal at all.
That's odd then. When the hi beam relay turns on and it feeds both the hi beam and the dash lamp, so if the connector for the blue/white wire is still on the fuse for the hi beams (white wire) then the earth for the dash lamp behind the cluster may have disconnected. If this earth is shared with the parking lamp, that's your problem. (I don't think there's an earth in the steering column for the lights, only the horn).
OK, thanks I'll check that tomorrow. It's just weird how they have randomly stopped working. I can only think that I've dislodged something when reconnecting the turn signal wires/starter loom wires. I'll take the instrument cluster off tomorrow and check all connections are good.

The only other weird thing that happened was with regards to the horn but it's working normally now. Checked last night after fitting the steering wheel.. Working fine. When I went to first try it today, it wouldn't sound when pressed. Then tried it again a bit later and worked fine and has done ever since after repeatedly trying.

Cheers for your help 👍🏻
There's a brown earth wire going to the bottom of the dash cluster on a spade terminal and its easy to pull of when moving the loom .

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