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Jan 16, 2014
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Sunny Staffs
I bought a VW Jim remote servo in the summer and am just getting round to fitting it. I've had a good look around underneath the van and can't see where to fit it. In front of the front chassis cross member seems the most logical but there are too many things in the way, cables, conduit etc. and if you were to mount it behind the rail under the floor ground clearance would be an issue.

What has anyone else done?


I just checked my Facebook build album I thought I had a decent photo of it in place but no sorry, I'm getting it over a pit in a couple of weeks to weld some captive nuts for belly pan I'll try and remember to take a photo if you still need it........................... or nip down and have a look, I'm near Gatwick :lol:
Brad, It sounds like your pleased with your servo :D , can't wait to get mine plumbed in and try it out.

Having had another good look around at where to fit the servo i'm going to mount mine in the cab too. There's a cross member between the driver's seat and the passenger bench which i can suspend the servo from using the bracket supplied with the kit. All the brake lines should be fairly easy to plumb in due to the close proximity to the master cylinder although a few holes will have to be drilled to accommodate.
I did not mean inside, I meant mounted underside directly beneath the passenger seat.
The servo makes a good deal of noise so you do not want it inside the van.

PM me your email I've two bad photos of it in place but they aren't to good, but may help.
I installed one of these on the underside of the cargo floor (same side as the sliding door). It did take a bit more brake pipe to connect it up but its well out the way of all the other things going on down there. Bringing the servo hose from the engine was quite simple to this point too. happy with my install. i did also plumb in a late bay 'regulator' for the rear brakes, and took out the one-way valve to the front wheels (at the MC)
25 mm square-section, tubular-steel, custom, home-made cradle, with 3 mm thick duralumin, brackets, supporting ATE Alfred Teves, remote-acting, hydraulic, vacuum-assisted, brake servo units (i.e. brake boosters in USA parlance), of the type which were factory-fitted, to right-hand drive, 1970s vintage BMW cars and possibly VW Golf GTI Mk. 1s.

This is fitted to my British specification, 1973 VW "1600" Type 2 Westfalia Continental campervan, which was NOT equipped with a factory-fitted, direct-acting brake servo, unlike the 1972 VW 17/18/2000 Type 2s, despite having front disc brakes.




ozziedog said:
That looks seriously good Nigel, I hope you won`t be upset if I copy this on mine, or very similar ;)

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Luvs it :mrgreen:

Feel free to use or adapt the idea, which I implemented in December 1988.

Had there been a dual-circuit, remote-acting servo unit available at that time, I probably would have used that instead. In those days, there was no readily accessible Internet service or on-line VW and other technical forums, so I had to develop my own ideas, with what was readily available locally.

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