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vw t2 1970 westy bay 4 sale in usa

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Aug 23, 2010
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for sale a really solid 1970 westfalia bay window camper.this vw bus is for sale in the usa.the seller is a good contact of mine a friend of mine has just bought a 1972 westy of him soon arriving in the uk.if any one is interested please contact me through my email [email protected] because i can send you photos and some information on this vw bus.the seller is asking $6000 usd about £3800.this would be a great vw bus to own as it is so solid just needing a battery tray.lots of service history with this bus.i can arrange shipping if theres any interest out there plus picking up from the docks and sorting out all the paper work though the shipping company.i would charge a fee but we could arrange this with the buyer.thank you jamie
if theres any interest please email me only at [email protected] NOT THROUGH THE EARLY BAY WEB SITE.i will send photos and information by my email address only.thank you