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@Ben72Bay Yes, I jumped on the LateBay group buy, in fact I think it was my first post on there.

The individual cost on the group buy ended up as £23.67 plus £3.29 postage. Which I thought was a great deal.

You even get the lower spline adapter, but I just used the coupler.

I’m sure there would be plenty on here for a potential group buy 👍
Nice sunny day here so me and Frankie decided to take Winnie for a spin down the beach.

Repaired the lower front valance and bumper after my slight altercation with a high kerb coming back from Welshpool in March. Not quite got the lower under curve right on the bumper centre section, but it will do for now, I’ll keep my eye out for a decent centre piece or whip it off again in winter and shape it a bit better … think I’m over thinking it though 🤣 just drive the blooming van.




First proper run with new front bush, and it’s brilliant, gear selection so very precise now


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Had to do an unexpected trip up north so the pets had to come too.

Frankie rode shotgun


Dini the cockatiel was in the rear gunner position 🤣 singing all the way


Weather was torrential on the way up, but Winnie got us there safely.

Really pleased with the recent changes done (Lares 209 coupler and Derlin front bush).
I also tweaked the 123 curve a bit more to be “mechanically all in” later in the rev range, van didn’t go above 100deg C on the 90 mile jaunt up and same return journey and there’s some good climbs in and out of Wales. No oil light flicker after the long runs too 👍


Pitch was huge 🤣 but ideal for getting the car on there too as we used that to go visit Gill’s mum in hospital.
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