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Dub and Bubber

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May 3, 2011
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Hi all .... VERY long time no see.
In my defense we haven't had our bus for ... ? three years ?
Long story short I have about six boxes of bits left over from our roller coaster of a multi-project ride.
They need to be gone so I thought I would try to see them off at speed by making it

I'm looking for offers of about half the ££ you would normally expect to pay online or at a meet.

While I get back to grips with better use of the earlybay photo set up, your quickest route to seeing what there is could be to go over to the dark side at "thelatebay" and look in general discussion for a thread I've done on there ... even though much of what I have here is for earlys.
Drop me a message if you spot anything.
There's too much to describe in full, but while I think of it:

The glass is two side pieces about 84cm long, so to go with rear quarter lights.

One front opening quarterlight.

The carb is a Bocar 34 pict etc.

There are four screen seals all in either unused or very good condition.

The plastic duct sections are a motley mix of left and right, so we would have to check part numbers along the way ...

Happy browsing!

EDIT ...


Blue metal end duct cover.

Heated rear glass & switch.

Metal ducts for under rear seat.

Buddy seat.

One or two of the black plastic duct pieces.


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How much for rear under seat hot air vents ???
Is there a difference?
I'll look that up and check ..... :)
Might only be a case of doing a 180 of the main bar that is sometimes bent towards the driver?
Here's a photo ...
The bend in the bar looks to be away from the dash rather than to one side or the other.
I'm beginning to think it's for either way, but happy to be corrected!


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Apparently the original ones were bent to the relevant side ... This is an original one, so I can only assume it was centred at some point, which means it could be used as is for L/R, or bent L/R.
Interested in the left hand side window and opening quarter please. Can you give me a price. Thanks
Final answer .....
It's RHD, as it has a bend to the back of the bus, and also to the right.
They can be re-bent though.

I put an extra bend in mine using a heavy-duty pipe bender, so that the gear-lever knob was close to my side in 2nd & 4th gear, without having to lean forwards when changing gear.

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