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Parts For Sale ... for peanuts plus postage

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Dub and Bubber

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May 3, 2011
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Apologies to Ozziedog, Davidoft, DocJohn and no doubt a few others who also make an appearance on Thelatebay ....

So here we are ... Anything that doesn't sell for Charity sell-off #2 is going to scrap!

#1 on Thelatebay raised £300 that I topped up to £500 ... This time "you're on your own" ... so nothing is really "free" except in the sense that this is for Gloucestershire Nightstop, not me :)

If you see anything in the photos that might be of interest please PM me with part numbers so I can check that it's the right year etc.
These bits, where specific, will be for 70 to 73 at a pinch.

I'm working on the basis that most of this is for refurb btw, but there might be the odd gem in there ... Who knows?!

I can post the small bits but most of this is to collect from GL10 3UQ
(near Stroud, Glos) by the end of January.

(I'm not planning any trips of any description any time soon.)

The carb is a Bocar btw.

Offers below the usual are welcome, except for the chrome rear light surrounds in the last pic, which cost me, I think around £60, so £40-ish would swing it ...

Happy hunting



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BUMP! ... Also have a towbar with new ball and bolts but not electrics, to fit an early with standard exhaust.
Photos available to anyone interested :)
Collection only.
£60 for the good people at Nightstop please!

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