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Sep 15, 2012
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G'day guys, I've been a long time member, but haven't really introduced myself, I'm Mats, I'm from Sydney Australia and this is my Bus,

When I rescued it from Bondi Beach, it was in a bit of a sorry state, quite rusty, so I decided to drive it as it was for a while whilst I saved up some cash to start the resto. Here are some pics of the worst parts.
Both corners of the window frame were like this, luckily I found a rust free turret to cut repair sections from.

I finally got some good news from the sandblasters on the weekend, they've pretty much finished blasting the car, and after all the rust work that I've already done, they said that the bus is one of the cleanest, and straightest they've done so far!

Thanks to 70-CA-Panel (Andy) for taking the time to go out and trace the holes for the deluxe reverse lights on his bus, and then sending the to me in the post as the scans just weren't coming out right. here's a before and after.

My wife doesn't mind my VW addiction, which makes it a lot easier on me, she even bought me a Westfalia interior for the bus as a christmas present!!!
this is what it was like when I bought the bus, apart from the fridge and cooker, which I had spare from one of my previous campers.

I hope I haven't bored you or taken up too much of your time today, the next few posts will be a little more tame compared to this lot, now the fun is about to begin!
Guys, I've got heaps more photos of the resto, just didn't want to post that many all at once, I'll get some more up shortly.
Awesome, how did u find replacing the front inner panel? Gotta do mine soon :)

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