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Haven't picked up the bumpers yet, but if you look closely at the side shots in the spray booth, you'll see the roof colour meeting up with the body colour near the gutter.
The painter turned up tonight with some more goodies for me, now all I'm waiting for is the fuel lid, and the bash plate underneath the front.

Fitted and adjusted the tailgate today, it's just not sitting right because of the new rubbers at the moment.

Rebuilt the passenger door with all new felts, rubbers, and clips.

I couldn't resist putting the dash together for a quick look see.

The pop top turned out amazing too.

All in all, I'd say I'm pretty stoked with how it's coming along.
Very nice 8)
Sounds like you are having fun putting it all together :D
I'll be putting the original motor back in for a little while. while I rebuild the motor out of my beetle, and have the 2ltr gearbox rebuilt at the same time.

I've cleaned them up before, but now I think it's time to rebuild them and replace all the seals and one winder mechanism." onclick=";return false;
bay window bandit said:
I've cleaned them up before, but now I think it's time to rebuild them and replace all the seals and one winder mechanism." onclick=";return false;

Same here, you can get a alu polishing set off ebay with the 3 wheels and compound.

Just have to fit my windscreen and doors first.

Got the same poptop as me too!
This weekend I'm finally free to work on the bus again, well at least one day this weekend
So hopefully there'll be some update pics Sunday evening. I've been struggling with the wiring harness, as I only had black and white diagrams, which makes it really hard to sort out. But thankfully I've now got a colour diagram, so it should move along nicely. By the way, I've just got to say "DAMN MY DASH LOOKS GOOD" Can't wait for the Tacho from Aspro, it;s going to finish the dash beautifully. But for the time being, I've got a vintage smiths Tacho that I'll install. Like I said, watch this space.
So yesterday I managed to fit the engine and gearbox back into the bus, until the other motor and box are ready, also built up the sliding door, which proved to be a pain in the arse to get lined up correctly , but I got there after some fiddling about.

But I do know that I hate wiring!!!!!! Ha ha, but it's all good now that I've got a colour wiring diagram.

Liking the bike - looks like a Yamaha XS of late 70's early 8-'s vintage??
Sweet as :D

Do love a cafe racer and liking what you've done with that :mrgreen:
Been so preoccupied with other jobs around the place, that the bus has been neglected for the last 3 weeks, but that's all going to change this weekend, I've managed 2 whole days on the bus, so should have a fair bit of progress to update on Sunday.
I'd just like to say, I HATE WIRING!!!!!
Its a lot better now that I've cleaned it up, and removed all the dodgey Scotch connectors, but still a bit to go yet.

I'm stoked with my choice of colours on the bus though, so thats put me in a good mood.

looking good Mats... remember don't cut the red one... or was that green or blue :lol:

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