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Parts For Sale Original Loom

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Apr 19, 2012
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North East

Original Loom taken out of my 1969 US bay microbus.

The good/but mostly bad:
- It's not reusable.
- It's about 90% complete but as you can see in the pictures it's been chopped/cut in lots of places to remove it from the van.
- No fuse box, switches or relays; not all, but some wiring looks to have been cut before the crimp/spade/connectors rather than disconnected.
- And obviously being 50+ years old, some of it being around the engine bay, underneath etc means the heat shrink has been exposed and is solid/hard in places.
- Some of the original VW style choc blocks are still there.
- Quite a bit of aftermarket wiring/new crimps have been attached also.

Probably good enough for someone who wants to take a few measurements from an original loom & make their own template (good luck), someone interested in taking it further to bits or someone wanting to rebuild it in some fashion to attach it to a board etc & play around with.

It weighs a few kg & don't think it will roll up to fit a medium parcel, so £35 posted.

Although I will stress this again - it's 50 years old and in a lot of pieces & you really couldn't or wouldn't want to use it to fit back into a van.

If there's a certain section you like a further photo of, then let me know.



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