Wanted instrument panel terminal for fuel gauge

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Apr 1, 2020
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Anyone know where I can get a terminal for the fuel gauge. It’s the terminal on the back of the instrument panel, they have two spikes on the inside of the instrument panel which bend over to secure, one spikes on mine has broken so is quite lose and could short on the back of the instrument panel.

I can’t find anyone who sells them. Thanks in advance.

I might have one in a box of bits, won't know until the weekend though.
That would great, if you do have one just let me know what I owe you for it.

I did try a hot glue gun but the connectors are pretty tight so it worked lose, if I can’t find one then strong glue maybe the only option.
I also tried a glue gun, but it came loose again after a while. I ended up using a gel based super glue that did the trick
Hopefully Sparky will find you one 🤞

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