won't start when hot?

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Sorry to jump onto your thread,

But I have the same issue, once she’s hot, if i turn her off I can’t start her again instantly, but if I leave her for a minute or so then she won’t start until she’s cooled down, just turns over and over and over making no attempt to start,

I thought it would be fuel evaporating but I turned her over until the battery almost died once and she didn’t fire back up (until she had cooled down 30 mins later) I’d have thought that would have been long enough for the fuel to travel through

Takes a little bit of enjoyment away from her as I can’t nip to the shop or anything,

Again sorry for jumping on your post, I can make a new thread if you’d prefer?

Choke stuck?
I had the same issue with my 71'
I tried everything to solve it, hot start relay, new loom, etc.
The problem was solved when I put a brand new starter (I tried with a second hand, but it had the same problem).
I had a similar issue with mine when I was setting up dual carbs and a 123Tune. Mine was solved using the Tune and reducing the Ignition advance at low RPM, still takes a bit of cranking when hot (2-3 seconds), but starts. Starts great when cold..

I could probably improve the hot start using the tune, but at the time stopped fiddling and went surfing instead. It's on the list.. you know the one.
Sounds like the starter motor, does it click when you turn the key. Have you tried tapping it with a hammer to see if the solenoid is stuck?
WooHoo Mike202!!

Arrived in Leuven, Belgium y’day after 200 odd miles & the bus wouldn’t turn over after what was supposed to be a brief stop over

Always relying on the kindness of strangers we got bumped to park up properly

HeyHo, it’s done it before & usually when it cools down it sparks up again so let’s get a couple of delicious Belgian beers in & settle down for the night

Still didn’t start this morning so thwacked the solenoid a good few times & vroom vroom, running like a dream again

OK but now we need to get to Germany so anyone know where we can pick up a replacement solenoid between here & Weinheim??
It's possibly not the solenoid. It will be a sticky shaft that the starter gear wheel slides on. Clean all the gunk with a de greaser and then coat the shaft with graphite dry grease. I have used a pencil for the graphite and that works too using 4B or higher (softer).
Locksmiths sell powdered graphite lubricant in little " puffer bottles" for lubricating locks strangely! It also works wonders on your bus door locks too and as it isn't sticky like grease no dirt sticks to it.
You can get spray lubricant from Lidl sometimes with graphite in it. My garage looks like a miniature version of the middle of Lidl. Up there just now for tins of black spray gloss and satin. £6 for two cans, and it’s decent stuff too. Earlier on in the year , I spotted some containers of all sorts of pop rivets that I don’t use very often but I thought ,that’s a nice assortment so I bought them for less than a fiver. When I got home, I’m thinking Hmmm now where’s that pop riveter, I found it in a little drawer on top of exactly the same box that I bought last year and still haven’t used any.

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,, I’ll need blinkers next trip :):):)
Hi all. so I have had an issue with my bus since I got it. Once I start a journey if I stop even early on to go fuel up at the petrol station it wont start again and needs bumping.

So if I loose revs and conk out I'm knackered ! once I get where I'm going and say the morning after it fires up straight away.

I have been changing parts trying to get to the bottom of it. It might not be the fact that its hot but I think it is.

New battery ,new starter motor (but used), new alternator , new coil and ignition leads.

still the same.

Any ideas ?
Not sure if you've sorted this but the most common issue with this is that the cable travels to the ignition switch and back again so you get volt drop as a matter of course, this coupled with the heat from the engine bay meaning the resistance builds up in the cable and your starter wont get anything like the voltage needed to fire the solenoid, or the solenoid fires but the cable cant carry the current required by the starter so it turns very slowly and the engine wont fire. Mine did the same when I got it back in 2007.

Get an automotive relay, I fitted mine next to the starter solenoid and what you are doing is taking a feed from the battery to the solenoid via the relay, the existing cabling is used to fire the coil in the relay only and make the contact rather that supply the voltage and subsequent current needed by the starter.

Hope this helps

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