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Aug 21, 2020
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Hey folks. lets see those interiors you have right now. Don't worry im not looking for more inspiration or going to think one of those would look good in mine. Honest 😳😉.
is that a little radio mounted on the side cabinet?
Good spot. It’s an electrical socket that would have been connected to a battery and the dial/gauge shows (I guess) the battery condition. There’s a second socket without a gauge next to the bed - they take a DIN plug that nothing modern comes with.
I’ve thought about reconnecting them and maybe retrofitting usb sockets to make them useful , but no progress yet. :D
I'm at the 'what interior should I have?" stage. Out of the 100s of Pinterest etc etc suggestions that have left me cold, uninspired, into panic mode, I'm finally seeing some ideas I actually like.
Not posted much about my bus resto, but will do.
Kept the bus as original as I could just reupholstered the seats and side panels all the westy furniture was in such good condition when I got him I was no way gonna change it 😎✌️


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I completely refurbed my interior beginning of 2020, there's a Rusty Lee R&R bed and a home made table with edge trim from Camper Interiors. I made the buddy seat as well with all cushions and cloth for side panels from Prestige Sewn Products. As with all these things it needs finishing, still need to paint the under seat panel and get some mesh to put over the speakers and make the other buddy seat - I seem to be quite good at doing 90% of a job! (I think I'll put that on my CV!)

20191124_195413 (1).jpg


You inspired me to finish it now :)

Hi Andy, wow... nice work. I whish i could sew like you. Your table looks great as well, very professional.

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