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Oct 9, 2016
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Good morning,
I’m replacing the front and rear cross members in my 1968 early bay and have bought the replacement parts from Alan Scofields.

When I removed the old ones, there was a tube, on the driver’s side (RHD) which had the copper brake pipe running through from the master cylinder to the rear brakes.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures, but I recall this trouble ran through both cross members.

Whereas the rear replacement cross member has what seems the correct larger sized hole (211-703-475E bottom hole on the right) , the front does not (211-703-391C).

Can anyone supply me a picture of where this tube passes though the cross members?


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No tube on my 68 (67 build) just grommets as on all the bays I have seen, sounds like someone's add on?
Thanks for the quick reply.

Would it be possible to get some photos of how the brake pipe is routed on your bay?

Cheers again
Yes thats it just down the inside of chassis rail with grommeted holes at each end. Cant get to take pics at the moment unless there is one on the build thread in Gallery under Spliffy.

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