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983 Huey

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Apr 30, 2017
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So before I go any further, can I just note that the jubilee clips are only on my fuel pipes as it was all I had in the workshop when I replaced my fuel hoses.
I fully intend to switch them for proper fuel hose clips at the first available opportunity.
But... the clips aren't the issue in question here, it's more a case of a previous owner fitting a very cheap and nasty fuel pump.
So the first thing I did when I bought our bus was to replace all of the fuel pipes and hoses with brand new (obviously for safety reasons). So imagine my surprise when I got a strong smell of fuel on the cabin on my way home from work yesterday! I pulled over straight away, popped the engine lid and found the solid outlet pipe on the fuel pump had broken away from the housing and literally fell out in my hand!

So my question is, what brand should I be fitting to make sure i never have to worry about it falling apart like this?
Do people have any recommendations?

Thanks, Doug.
Sorry to be in the negative here Doug, but I will just say to stay away from GSF pumps because I and a few others have had nothing but issues with them. When you get a pump, make sure you have a matching push rod for it. Original is best if you can get one.

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,,,Good luck, and tell us what you find :mrgreen:
If you are contemplating a change to electric then I highly recommend the Huco 2 1/2 psi rotary pump. Quiet operation, quality part. Buy the one that sucks, ie, placed in the engine bay, rather than the one that pushes. Fit with a fuel cutoff solenoid and wire to an inertia cut-off for piece of mind and added security.

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