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May 27, 2019
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1969 Bay Window
Need help … removing stock 1600 engine and can’t get anything to grab the 17mm nut holding engine on - the top one nearest the clutch cable lever (if that makes sense)
All sockets I have foul on the case. As does closed spanner. Open ended spanner just doesn’t seem to have enough room to grab head.
I’ve searched forum - anyone any hints or tips greatly appreciated as need to get gearbox out asap.
Got it out ….lots of swearing. But good advice thanks 🌈👍
Not on a single port engine, D bolt each side so if its an early bell housing it will have flats on both sides. I have come across some that have had bolts forced in and then its hard to fit any socket on. Normally its very long extension, u/j and a long ratchet to undo later bolts.
That’s exactly what I was struggling with - couldn’t get a socket to seat on it.
Got me thinking there so had another look. Definitely D bolt one side but not the other as the engine casting has thread for bolt - see finger ☝️😎🌈👍
So use an allen bolt when it goes back together, head should be small enough to clear the D bolt casting. I used a bolt I found (converted my sp case to later threaded insert) with a 15mm head and built in flange.

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