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Oct 4, 2009
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Hi there the metal plate that sits under the the cover plate for the gearstick it has 2 raised edges ones long and ones short ( are they the lock out for reverse ? ) but ive forgotten which way round it goes as is when your looking at it does the long raised bit go on the left or the right ???

Also a quick method of re aligning the gear shifter would be good thanks ;) is it you put it in 2nd gear or something like that before tightening the bolts ????

hope all that makes sense :)

The shift plate is fitted as the pic below.


To adjust the gear shift, put it into 2nd gear, loosen the two bolts holding the base of the gearshift and move the gearstick so that the bottom bit is vertical and the cranked bit is at 30 degrees to the rear of the van. Then move the shift plate as far left as possible without moving the gearstick. Tighten the two bolts. This should help selection of 1st and 2nd.
If the lever doesn't travel straight forward and back in the 1st/2nd plane, try slightly twisting the shiftplate.

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