Not sure about these.

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Funny thing is,,,,, as I’m getting older I tend to feel like the gggnats and them midges are all trying to take a chunk out of my ankles for their lunch or at least it’s felt like that this summer.

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,, and the backs of my knees :)
.... You've some haven't you ;)
Luckily it’s cooled off a bit now or I may very well have been tempted however, I’ve always managed to resist those trousers with the zip around the knees to slip off the legs and become shorts and I’m not sure why :unsure:
About a dozen years or so back, I made some mozzy (mosquito) nets for the rear tailgate and the cab windows in order that I’d be able to sleep with the tailgate and windows open in peak summer. I actually packed them in the van this year when we had that super duper scorchio weekend at Dubs At The Castle thinking this’ll be the year to try them out. I could not believe the difference between evenings in the countryside to evenings at home. At home I sleep mostly on top of the bed and occasionally pop my dressing gown over my feet in the early early hours if it cools off and I have done this for years and still do, mostly though I’m just a little hot and bothered. At the Castle as soon as it went dark it started to chill off and we were glad of the fire pit and just an hour or six later I was glad of my duvet in the van, no need for mozzy nets as the tailgate and windows were mostly closed. Maybe I ought to try sleeping in my van on a hot weekend on the driveway at home and see how much difference there actually is.

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,OR,, does Stella chill the parts that other lagers can’t reach ?

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